About us

Summer Harvest was founded more than 30 years ago to provide local summertime employment and allow farmers to distribute their products locally. Over the years, we have developed close partnerships with some of the best suppliers of country vegetables in the nation who take pride in harvesting and preserving their products at the peak of freshness.

What is a “country vegetable”? That’s our term for those vegetables traditionally grown and appreciated best out in “the country.” They are the vegetables our past generations used to harvest and “put up” seasonally – canning and freezing them to be enjoyed all year long. We want to continue that tradition, making freshly frozen vegetables and fruit available to you all year long because we know there are few things finer than the taste of a fresh summer harvest.

Southern Foods has been a premium cut shop serving the Southeast since the 1950s. We source the best quality meats and the freshest seafood we can find, all hand-cut to order by our highly experienced crew of butchers.

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